I’ve recently graduated Leeds college of Art and Design. The first year of my current course allowed me to experiment with a range of disciplines such as painting, fashion, fine art, digital manipulation, graphic design and photography. Now, I am specialising in Graphic Design at University Of Arts London; my skills have developed in this area and I am constantly expanding my knowledge. I have enjoyed putting my graphic work into context, by seeing the work of others as inspiration and learning about various art and design movements such as Swiss style, Grunge, and Futurism. I find the audience aspect of graphic design interesting; how viewpoints on a piece of graphic communication vary from one person to another, and are influenced by their interests or their circumstances.

857015_4456629893924_1888145292_oI am a very imaginative, highly ambitious, and curious person who enjoys new challenges and activities. I am fluent in three languages; Russian, Latvian and English.

Saul Bass creator of many beautiful movie posters, logos and other designs- inspires me the most with his work. In my eyes he is a genius.

My further ambition is to find a good job where I can use my skills and knowledge, but at the same time travel to different countries and meet different people, try different things and explore.

In 2010, I formed a group called C4CC response to a ‘solutions for the planet’ competition. The group collects unused textiles and sends them to third world countries. I was the art director and lead the creative aspects designing the logo, which is still in use. C4CC came runners up in Yorkshire.

Most recently, I was selected as a finalist in a Natural Beauty competition, taking part in a London fashion show. This gave me an insight into the fashion industry; the organisation required behind such as professional event; the lighting and photography used to capture the best image; and the direction and artistic styling used. I gained experience in both work and fashion. My experience from this has inspired me to get involved in the design industry, particularly in fashion.

I love how graphic design can bring together other disciplines such as fashion and illustration in editorial design. I am keen on the idea of collaborating with other students, working with illustrators and photographers to enrich my work. Working independently also appeals to me.

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